School, #Monday

Okay to start things off I used the number sign, as a number sign and not a hashtag. Cool, now that that has been sorted, Day #Monday or Day #1 of the week of 7 Days, has begun on a strange turn.

So you know that friend I was talking about, the one that hurt me, and said very mean things about my family and me? Well I felt like (Okay if you’re not a Christian, and you’re an Atheist, I don’t mean to offend you or anything like that at all or scare you away BOO) I was being told by God to go and talk to her, so I did. It was really awkward, especially since it was the same person in Tough and well it was strange, I had gone up to her and sat right down beside her.

Like literally, sat right down beside her. Like this –> o..o (the dots are the space between us.)

Anyways I asked her how she was, you want to know what she said? Oh well she said, I’m fine. And she smiled and then looked back down at her phone to continue playing a game called SoulHunters (Quick review, that game got me addicted and sucked me into it until finally I could escape from it’s grasp two months later, to which I will never play that game again, where as almost every single friend of mine/not friends are playing it at lunch and don’t even acknowledge one another’s existence. I highly recommend you don’t play it. Unless you want/like being addicted to games. :/ ) Anyways, I then proceeded to tell her that I’m sorry about Miner, (her dog that died) She said, it’s fine. I then said your mom told me. She looked up and said, yeah. So I then asked her what she had been up to lately, and she said, nothing much. I finally said Okay, have a good day. And then I stood up after smiling and left. She then proceeded to put her headphones back in as if nothing had ever happened. (Most likely what I should have expected.)

Okay that was at the end of the day, let’s rewind to the beginning of #Monday,

8:36 (approximately)

I sat down beside a guy, okay this is boring let’s skip to something interesting.

8:42 (approximately) 

“Hey Friend1 (guy, grade 11)(where names belong but I’m not giving names so just numbering them), how are you?” —-“good.”—-“My grandpa died, I felt I could tell you because you just went through something similar.”—“I’m sorry about that, yeah I know how that feels.”—“Yeah, it hurts.”

11:37 (approximately)

“Hey Friend2 (guy, grade 11), stuff about questions.”—-Teacher:show and tell something something something. “Hey Friend2, I’m going to bring a picture of my grandpa tomorrow.”—“Oh cool.”—“Yeah, especially since he has kidney failure and has only about a week left, and it’s something that means something to me.”—“I’m sorry about that…”–“Yeah it’s okay.”

12:16 (approximately)

“Hey Friend3 (girl, grade 9), I brought Onigiri (rice balls) for lunch!!”—“What’s that?”—“RICE BALLS! oh my gosh have you never heard of them?”–“noooo?”—-“Oh my gosh I have to show you!”—Takes out rice balls. “See?”–“cool!” (okay this is getting boring, time skip!)

12:34 (approximately)

“AHHHH YOU FOOL!” -Friend2 “hahahhahahahah”-Friend3, “You took my spot! ahhh!”-Me

DUTCH BLITZ (that was what was making us go crazy, I was actually having fun. But then at 12:48 we had to pack up since the bell rings at 12:50, and then I was sad.)

rest of the day is not as important, all you need to know is I wrote a poem and was sad about my grandpa, and that the person who was not really a friend (there’s like 4 of those type of “friends”) tried rubbing it in my face again by saying to the other person who was never really a friend “Shall we go to the CAR?” Yeah, I know, I’m 16 and I don’t have my license. It’s because of my anxiety. I just about got hit cause I’m so anxious and kind of zoned out while crossing the highway.

And, now here I am, knowing that I should fold my laundry and put another load in and clean my room. So I will post something else later on tonight, and then I will continue stuff.


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