Psychiatrist appointment #Thursday

Okay so school went cool, but that’s not what I want to talk about today hence the title. (I did eat my lunch today though) 

Okay so while at my psychiatrist appointment I had this afternoon there was a doctor in learning I don’t remember his name but anyways he went with me to go and check my weight and height. (I have a BMI of 21 used to be like 16 which if you didn’t know that means I was really skinny. Now I’m average.) And so we got back and my psychiatrist said that can’t be right. He was talking about the weight the doctor in learning had recorded and so he sent us back to check if it was correct. And on the way there he had asked me “out of what percentage do you think I got it wrong?” And of course (this guy was hot) I had to go and say “well it’s okay if you didn’t get it right, you’re still learning. After all you are still a student. And it’s just like how we have student teachers in learning at school and they have all these definitions memorized but when they go to apply it they kind of don’t get it right.” (Okay here I am trying to dig myself out of a hole I’ve dug. He’s ought to feel bad now or something.) “So it’s completely understandable if you didn’t get it right.” So now he’s kind of laughed as if he’s shrugging it off and then scratched behind his head as if he himself is anxious or feeling awkward and then of course I just have to go and say “so I would say a 6/10.” (Of course I was meaning 6/10 wrong but he asked me–) “so is that 6/10 correct or wrong?” (I couldn’t let him feel that bad so I quickly said–) “oh well 6/10 correct! Yeah *awkwardly laughs…*” So we’re waiting for the room to be empty and so we are just standing there awkward and I can’t bring myself to look at him cause duh he’s hot. Okay so the rooms empty now and we go in and he gets me to take my shoes off regular stuff. (Okay one moment I’ve got to go back in the past I know this will be confusing but I forgot to write it earlier on and so I’ll write it now.)

10 minutes ago approximately (according to what I was saying above)

He’s checking my weight for the first time and etc etc stuff like that he then gets me to sit down asks me the regular questions. “Do you smoke?” I was like “no, well once when I was 7 I tried one and it was awful and I almost burnt the barn down.” He was like awkwardly laughing and then asked me another question “do you drink alcohol?” I’m like going to be honest here “no I have never had alcohol.” He’s like “never ever?” Me I’m serious. Me have alcohol? Dude if I had alcohol my medications would like seriously react dangerously with it. “I’ve never had it.” Now it gets interesting. “Ever had marijuana?” (I had to use auto correct to spell it.) “Never.” He’s like “never ever?” I’m like “never ever.” He’s like “never ever ever ever never ever?” So I’m like “never.” He quickly proceeds to ask “how much does marijuana cost?” I’m like “I I don’t know.” Hes like “me neither.” Probably trying to catch me off guard. 

Back to where I was before. 

I took my shoes off he takes my weight and he said “what do you think?” I told him “I have no idea, I don’t know how to work it.” (Okay I kinda did, I learnt in grade 7 science but it was on the spot so yeah.) “You just do this *shows how to work it.*” So that was that we were leaving the room I opened the door and he touched my hand by accident as I was opening the door I suppose he was going to open it. And I was like oh my gosh. It was weird so then I just started walking fast like ahhhhhhhh I don’t know what’s going on and I feel weird and this is awkward. 

So later when we get back, I find out that I have to take 3 pills (called well I don’t know if I should say.) At night and 3 in the morning. Im like freaking out. Never took that many before… Ahhhhhhhh freaky right? And after I turn 18 I won’t get my pills for free. How am I supposed to afford them? They’re like $225 in total for all my pills.

Anyways that’s all for now. I’m most likely going to post later. Possibly at least.


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