It’s as if your whole body is being dragged down, your own body can’t even gasp for proper oxygen. All that it knows how to do, is… Anxiety. It happens every day, you hear it all the time, they tell you just get it over with, forget it ever happened. 

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

Okay you know what, people who don’t have anxiety or depression or anything like that at all, you don’t know what it feels like to be dragged underground by your own body. You are the dirt, you are the coffin. And your heart is what’s trapped inside. 

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

Hey, what’s that? They always ask. Staring at your hand, or rather what’s inside it. The pills. It’s always the pills. Medication. You tell them. Medication. 

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

Why do you have medication? They Always ask. Staring at you now, why can’t they stop looking, it hurts, they’re staring into your soul and it hurts. It’s not your business you finally say. They get angry. Why won’t you say?

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

It always happens. I’ve learned to deal with it. Learned to deal with the dirt shoved in your face. It’s normal right? Yeah. Normal as the diamond that appears in your wallet every 5 seconds. Right? That happens right? People are rich like that right? I wouldn’t know, I’m not rich.

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

Of course I’m rich. I’m rich in heart and soul and kindness and purity and oh yes they called me naive. Maybe I am? Yeah I guess so. I don’t know what sexual things are. Maybe that’s for the best.

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

Bahaha haha. What’s so funny you ask. They stare. You don’t get it? Oh it’s apparently another one of those jokes. They’re immature. That’s all. I’m pushed underground again. Just forget them, they can’t hurt you.

Beep. Error. Beep. Error.

What do you mean they can’t hurt you? Didn’t they ruin your friendship? Blow your friends away? Spread those nasty rumors? Sure, they can be mean. They can’t hurt me physically though. Mentally is more painful though. 

Beep. Error. Beep. Error. 

Underground. Underground. I’m burried deep. I’m underground. I’m the shell. Oh I’m underground. 

Beep. Error. Beep. Error. 

– thanks for reading. This was the daily prompt. 


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