Creative writing #Friday

For today’s daily blog post I’m going to write a poem about the day, rather than explaining it. So here it goes.

You wake up dizzy, to a distorted world,

If you like I’ll show you reality,

You choke on fluoride, your vision hurled,

Pregabalin, swallow 3 and erase the cruelty,

You’re running late,

If you like I’ll show you a friend,

I’ve reached the school and from the car I do evacuate,

He’s tall and he’ll be there to defend,

I lend a pencil,

Salad salad it is lunch,

I rhyme with council,

Dutch blitz, your players I do crunch,

Com science oh oh personality test,

Pep rally activate,

This excitement is really messed,

She looks at me, the one I hate,

It’s writing time,

Here I am,

I’ve failed with this poem and it’s rhyme,

And the day it now ends with a bam.
Thanks this sucks but bells going to ring soon! Bye!


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