It’s okay…

They hide the truth,

They believe it will stop the hurt,

They throw words of comfort at you,

They say it’s alright, it’s okay,

They say you’re doing great,

They say cherish those memories,

They say don’t get too involved,

They give you hugs,

They give you meds,

They set up counselling,

They tell you love, that it’ll be okay,

What they don’t know is that,

They hide the truth with lies,

They only make it hurt more,

They throw the words too violently,

They know it’s not okay,

They know I’m not doing great,

They say memories will make me happy,

They say don’t get too involved when I could help someone,

They hug but it’s not enough,

They order meds that I won’t afford when I move out,

They set up counselling which they can’t pay for,

They say its okay when it’s not okay,

I understand now,

It’s okay for me to hurt,

It’s okay.


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