Colours that plague the mind with thoughts of failure, thoughts of loneliness. They drop them in and stir them around, they tint the untainted ingredients. Mankind twists the natural and makes them artificial.

Humans are the ones who damned the world, we taint the beautiful and tarnish the crystalline. We rust the painted cars that we made with stolen goods, stolen from the planet, that is. 

Food. It’s not real anymore, it’s corrupted. We strip the land of its organic properties and place it through a factory of workers who tape and plaster labels of 100% organic food, no additives, no artificial flavors or colours. 

And to think that Old Dutch chips have no artificial flavours or colours in them. Sure, it’s all a scam. They must’ve put some other junk in them. Not must’ve I know they did. 

It’s all artificial. Our world is artificial. 

That’s the daily prompt. Thanks for reading.


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