A caterpillar struggles to survive before it protects itself inside a cocoon, and if you wait patiently you may just see that little cocoon transform into a beautiful butterfly or maybe it turns into a feared and hated monstrous beast that humans call the moth.
Children grow up mimicking their parents, watching as they swear, or as they speak kindly. And just as a caterpillar turns into a cocoon, an infant turns into a 6 year old child. And when they hit 16 they transform into a teenager, whether they are kind or hateful is up to how their parents acted. 
It’s the genetics they say.It’s the parents fault they say.It’s the way they were raised they say.
Is it not the way the teenager was influenced?Is it not the teenagers choice?Is it not the teenagers fault?
Oh but how can it be their fault?They can’t help who raised them.They can’t help what they saw.
There’s always an excuse to everything we say.What if we didn’t come up with excuses?Would the teenager be blamed for how they acted?Would it be their fault and not how they were raised?
Would I say I hit him because I was angry at him.Rather than saying I hit him because he hit me first.
I’m no butterfly.But I’m no moth either.I am me. I am who I am and who I will always be.Nothing can change who I am.And if I was a moth- that wouldn’t mean I wasn’t pretty,And if I was a butterfly- that wouldn’t mean I was pretty,All it would mean is that I allowed someone to group me into some group that society made up.I’m no nerd. I’m no geek. I’m no prep. I’m no jock. I’m not nobody. I’m not popular. I’m not emo. I’m not goth. I’m no indie kid. I’m no gamer. I’m no bookworm. I’m not a thug. I’m no punk. I’m not an overachiever. 
Society will not group me into some stereotype. I will not allow society to dominate me. I won’t stand for the media’s “perfect” look or body shape or clothing style. 
Society you will not win.You may transform yourself from destroyer of happiness into a innocent bystander by cloaking yourself with a mask of sanity. But you will not Fool me. You will not destroy me. 
I will destroy you society before you destroy me.Transform yourself into whatever form you prefer, but I won’t transform into anything. I will stand before you with open wings and words that I have perfected to tear you down, to unite humanity in the war against perfection. I am coming.I will not transform.

That was the prompt for the day. Thank you for reading. I encourage you to join the stand against perfection, against stereotypes. Together we can win.


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