This poem is about a past friend who I saved from suicide. Who is now my enemy.

Were you the one that made me-

The victim? I made some choices,

And there’s only one to blame. But

If I saved your life should I, my

Dear Christine still be the one to blame

For you being alive? There’s honestly 

No evidence that you were trying,

Trying to live. And I have all these

Questions left that still remain. But

You do know, we all know life is

Not fair, nor will it ever be. Don’t

Avoid changes, you do however

Have to limit yourself from returning

To me. At least that’s how humans

Are. Don’t come back, you were my

Consequence for getting to comfortable

With life, you’re the reason I’m always

Nervous. Nothing will change the fact that

Friends like you are far from honest,

You’re unacceptable.

Remember this Christine,

You made me the victim.
Thanks for reading. So basically what’s happening with life right now is Dutch blitz every lunch. And we’re learning about credo’s in English. And I’m feeling a bit better with the new medication. And I feel like writing poems let’s the emotions out better. I hope you all don’t mind.


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