Smoke (a personal experience)

Was I young? Yes, I was quite young, I believe I was only 8 or 9. Maybe even 7. I forget her name but I called her my sister, she wasn’t really though. Her dad and her were just living with us is all.

She was amazing at art, I admired her. Her dad apparently smoked weed and rolled cigarettes. 

I remember one day before I left for school I told her “I bet you can’t find the key to my diary.” Boy was I wrong, she outwitted me, probably because she was older. She found it and wasn’t very happy, tore out one of the pages because apparently my parents weren’t supposed to know and if they found out they might have to leave. 

What was it that I wrote? Here, it was something like this

Dear diary, (insert her name here) showed me how she rolls up cigarettes and how her dad and her smoke them up in the quanset. It was really cool. They told me not to tell my parents.

Okay I was what, 9, don’t judge me, everyone rebels and doesn’t tell their parents something. 

And one day when I was in the barn with her she had brought a cigarette along, I was like coool! And she asked me if I wanted to try and use one, I thought it was cool so I was totally for it. 

There was a lesson I learnt that day. Don’t try to smoke. I was sitting out on the fence now, with her. And she instructed me as to how to do it. And I tried, and ended up coughing and sputtering. It was awful! All I did was inhale smoke, how could someone like breathing or whatever however you use those things. They’re awful! And I threw it on the ground when I saw my brother, and I was so young and foolish that I was like hey do you want try one? My brother was totally against it, and I asked him to please not tell mom and dad. Okay I almost set the barn on fire if she wouldn’t have stepped on the cigarette.

Okay so this turned into this really awful ugly situation because for one whole week whenever my brother would walk to my mom or dad I was terrified that he was going to tell them. One day it turned into a physical fight because my brother also has ADHD and he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he was apparently worried about me. And he was punching my dad, remember he’s only 12 and so it’s not that bad, it was quite tough though and finally he spit it out, he said what was bothering him and I was hiding upstairs scared. My dad yelled for me to get me down. They asked me if I was smoking. I told them the truth, (insert her name) convinced me to try it and I only tried it once as it was awful and I haven’t tried one since. And my parents believed me, told me how it’s not safe and before I knew it, 2 days later she and her dad weren’t living with us anymore. Apparently if I would have said that they were smoking weed up there illegally they would have been gone sooner.
But yeah that’s my story for the prompt today. To this day, I’ve never tried another cigarette. 


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