This I believe (conquering struggles)

What if you were in grade 5, and you had an ineffable friend? Someone you always hung out with after school? You’d go to their house on New Year’s Evening, enjoying mouthfuls of popcorn and other junk food, and then it hit 12am. You could barely smile when they asked if you were well. But you weren’t okay because you were retching up all the soda and popcorn you ate. Which in fact your mom told you not to eat popcorn because of your ADHD. So now it’s 12:30am, hence you call your mom who comes to get you, because that’s what moms do.

Did you know that friends can seem so kind, but when you zoom out to look at the big picture you see how they deny you in front of their other friends.

She was swallowed up by popularity, along with all my other friends. Before I knew it, on Hotmail messenger a girl who I thought was my friend wrote something. She wrote it because she thought I was too dumb to read it.

“hctiB a si airotciv”

I began to be bullied, I had been shoved to the ground and they spread rumors about me. I was only 13.

My mom pulled me out of school, trying to homeschool me with money we didn’t have. However I couldn’t handle it, not like my brother. I needed socialization.

Not even 3 months later I started going to (insert school name since I can’t say where I’m from). I made some friends. 

3 ½ years later I was in grade 10. It was the day after Halloween, my friend attempted suicide and I stopped her from dying by letting her parents know that she took a whole bottle of her medication. It hurt, she told me “thanks for being a good friend.” And “happy early birthday.” It was 4 days until my birthday. 

After that night, she changed, as expected. She was angry at me for saving her. At the end of grade 10 we were no longer friends, and on the way to grade 11 I lost 4 more.

But, I refused to give up, and I now have 7 friends, 3 of which are really close friends.

I believe that everyone goes through tough times in life, but we can get through it. We will never be alone, we will always have some sort of friend, and if we lose a friend we will find another because God will never leave you and he will always help you. Friends will be there for you, until they aren’t, but that just means someone new will enter your life. I also believe that everyone loses friends and those friends will be replaced with people who are kind, who love you for who you are. 
-thank you for reading. This was hard for me to write. But hey, at least I’m still alive and working my way through life. 


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