Self help book in progress

Dear readers, this book is a recipe of struggles and battles, some lost and some that were won. I advise you to be prepared to face emotional feelings while reading this book, and I also guide you to reach out for help if you are feeling depressed, anxious, or just need to talk to someone. Remember there are people out there that can help you.

Dedicated to 2 past friends who have also gone through struggles, and to my mom and dad who have helped me get through these situations.

Without further ado, I encourage you to begin this book.

Recipe A: Sad children and a card (2008) 

Ah yes, grade 2. What a year, Mrs. Bergy, Why is this chapter called sad children and a card you ask? Well, I was 7 in grade 2. I believe I may have had depression back then when I think about it, my friends- Reese, Kennedy, and I think maybe Damen. Those guys were trying to get me to be happy. I was sitting at my table, looking down, hair shielding my eyes, I was the sad child that sorta made them sad too. Before I get too deep into the details, back in grade 1 Kennedy, Reese, Layne and I were all really good friends. It wasn’t until grade 5 that things changed. I guess when you grow older people change? Or maybe when you have a new kid come to school and they just completely change your friendships. It could also be that until grade 5 you don’t know what popularity is. We, in grade 4 were still playing telephone at recess and pretending to be baby wolves and were howling as we crawled around the ground outside in the snow. Reese had put snow in her mouth and of course we all followed her, I believe Reese was always playing mother, Kennedy did sometimes too. It was always Jordynn, Kennedy, Reese, Layne, Jasmine, and Damen. Oh Damen. He was always being funny. He could be the highlight of the day sometimes. And no, I didn’t have a crush on him. Anyways Reese put snow in her mouth and I did too, but Kennedy, I can just hear Kennedy right now saying Ewww get that out of your mouth! That’s gross! Well, yeah Kennedy was amazing. They were all amazing until grade 5. 

This is just an excerpt from it. 


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