Sorry for not posting guys, I have a concussion. However I feel the need to rant right now
I feel like I’m low life trash. I feel insignificant and like I’m a loser, I’m depressed, I feel I’m an idiot, I’m lonely, nobody cares about me, I’m nobody. My meds have been lowered because apparently they went over the adult dosage on me, a 17 year old girl and the psychiatrist forgot to sign the paper so when we asked my family doctor to sign it he said no because of the dosage, but if my psychiatrist is doing that then we have to wait for him to sign it, they gave me a bottle of my pills and suggested I go back to my old dosage or they won’t give me another bottle. And they also had to lower my other pill from 3 back to 1 for the same reason, except instead of it being over the dosage it’s highly recommended that it be raised to 2 before going straight from 1 to 3. So now my meds are messed and I’m depressed, anxious, terrified, and paranoid. 
Well yeah so I’m just feeling like total garbage. 


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